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  • You have been moved and inspired by Challenge Day and want more.
  • You have ever wished that you had Challenge Day when you were in school.
  • You are ready to Be the Change and wondering how to bring Challenge Day principles into your life, relationships, classroom, support group, place of worship, workplace, home or community.
  • You want to learn and explore the principles, philosophies, and practices that Challenge Day was built on.
  • You want to learn how to apply the simple yet profound tool of If You Really Knew Me to create more authentic, real and fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.
  • You are ready to learn and apply Challenge Day’s simple and effective – Formula for Change:  Notice – Choose – Act
  • You are ready to explore and reconsider the costs related to stereotypical gender role training.
  • You are a teen leader, work with, relate to, teach or interact with youth of any age and you desire to build more effective co-operative and compassionate relationships.
  • You’d like to share a common experience of deep connection and understanding with a  family member, partner or anyone else you love.
  • You are ready to take the next step in your own unfolding, healing and growth and are looking to connect with like minded people ready to “get real” in a safe, fun, authentic and life empowering way.
  • If you have a dream of being a Challenge Day Leader or effective teacher or group facilitator of any kind.

…then Challenge Day’s Be the Change Workshops are for YOU!

“I was nervous, challenged, supported, loved and in the end, grew more in three days than I thought was possible.”

-Michelle D – Personal Life Coach

“If you question at all for what reasons you educate, this workshop will profoundly help guide you.”

“One of the most healing, impactful and best-led workshops I’ve ever attended.”

“This program is the most effective, most powerful tool I’ve ever seen in teaching people to co-exist peacefully.”